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Feng shui is the study of rearranging your surroundings to attract positive life energy, improving your life through organization and balance. With careful and mindful organization of your home or business, you can improve your emotional and spiritual health. That's why Jill R. Feng Shui offers expert home organizing services to customers in the Bay Area and surrounding areas. Using the teachings of feng shui, Jill R. can help you find harmony in classrooms, businesses and residential areas.

Providing balance in any aspect of life

Jill's home organizing services are broken up into three main groups to get you the organizational balance you need. These include:

Children's room organizing services:

Support your child's needs by enhancing their environment and reducing clutter.

Bagua consultation services:

Using a personalized energy map of your space, we can shift the balance of your house or business to bring peace and serenity.

Elemental alignment services:

Jill R. Feng Shui suggests ways to enhance and support major areas of your life using the five major elements.

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Why should you hire Jill R. Feng Shui?

Why should you hire Jill R. Feng Shui?

As a locally owned, experienced professional organizing company, Jill R. Feng Shui understands the need for balance in everyone's life. All of Jill's solutions are personalized to make efficient use of your energies, creating balance in a way that is specific to your needs and goals. Jill R. Feng Shui cares about and tries to improve the lives of every client she works with, especially working with children to create calming and productive atmospheres for them to live and grow in. In addition, 10% of the revenue from every consultation goes towards the Make-A-Wish foundation, further helping children in need.

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