A Lifetime of Experience and Spiritual Guidance

A Lifetime of Experience and Spiritual Guidance

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Drawing on years of experience in education and nannying, our founder Jill has spent years working all over the world, specifically in Shanghai, China, to further her understanding of feng shui and learn more about how environments affect the development of children. She is certified in the practice of feng shui, using it to provide balance and alignment to the lives of her clients.

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Jill R. Feng Shui use our core beliefs to help our customers

To best help our customers, Jill abides by a set of core beliefs that guide everything we do. Here is a quote from Jill regarding those beliefs:

"I believe in miracles and I am open to the abundance within the Universe. I believe Feng Shui is a driving factor in providing nurturance, relaxation, security, empowerment, motivation, and a clutter-free environment. These factors combine to create a serene environment with good chi."

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